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Whoever gives tulasi leaves cut in reverence to vishnu in the month of kartika will reap the fruits secured by the gift of ten millions of cows.

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12HeadachesBasil makes a decent drug for headacheA boiling of the leaves is often given for this disorder17

2FeverCommon ColdThe leaves of basil square measure specific for several feversThroughout the seasononce protozoal infection and dengue square measure wide prevailingtender leavescooked with teaact as preventive against these diseases7]

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Seasonal cold Recurrent respiratory infections Chronic obstructive lung diseasesasthma and bronchitisas a supportive therapy)

Although we can never fully describe the glories of Tulasi Devian eternal associate of Lord Krishnathe scriptures give us a hint of the value of worshiping herThe following list comes from the Padma Purana.

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whoever, out of reverence, gives lord visnu a tulasi leaf in the month of kartika, will gain the same benefit obtained by giving the gift of ten million cows.

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