Book here.Turkey from From shopping

Book here.Turkey from From shopping

Book here.Turkey from From shopping to Turkish baths to scuba diving in the warm sea, Turkey’s white sandy beaches and an exceedingly hot climate make it the ideal holiday destination if you want to go into all inclusive full relaxation mode. Enjoy seven nights at the 5 Orka Sunlife Resort and Spa in Oludeniz on all inclusive basis, including flights from London Stansted on 19 June. Book here.Costa del Sol from With the hot Spanish sun setting on some of the finest beaches of the world, the Costa del Sol is unsurprisingly one of Britain’s favourite holiday hotspots, complete with a huge array of waterparks, go kart tracks, zoos and sealife centres.

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This certainly seemed like a good idea when Matt hatched the idea as a self admitted midlife crisis endeavor back in the spring. A West Point grad who runs his own defense consulting business in Washington, he had run out of ways to satisfy his adventure jones after trying, and completing, every Tough Mudder and Venture Quest obstacle race in the mid Atlantic. That is until someone told him about the 24 Hours of LeMons circuit (motto: All it takes is a beater, some buddies and lots of big lapses in judgment! ), which happened to be coming to West Virginia in June cheap china jerseys.

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