ROCKFORD (WIFR) The Rockford Public School District finally has a <a href=””></a> set price tag for its ten year facilities plan and it’s not cheap.

The school board heard revisions to the plan tonight to improve and upgrade all District 205 buildings. The cost? More than $277 <a href=””>cheap jerseys</a> million dollars. That’s just ten million dollars less than the most expensive option presented to school leaders last month.

“We’re looking at $179 million in bonds, however the ballot would only reflect $139 million. The rest of the money we’re going to generate through some creative financing internally,” said Chief Financial Officer Cedric Lewis.

The school board must approve ballot language for the bonds by August 20th. And if they want to use that money to build new schools, which is a suggestion, that must also be in the language because new schools require voter approval.

Also tonight, the board approved hiring Angel Contreras as Chief Human Resources Officer. He’ll be paid $150,000 per year, prorated to $137,000 for the first year since he’s not starting until August 6th. Administrators say his salary is included in the recently approved budget.

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